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Your reliable partner for IT security! We help you define your safety requirements or implement the results. No product and no single solution meets the complex requirements, keep the overall overview!


Our services
Security loves BigData! Find out how scale-out processing can help you with security analysis.

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Consulting and implementation IT security related projects

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Managed Services
Monitoring and managing parts of or your complete IT security infrastructure

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Virtual CISO
Don't have a CISO? We can take it for you!

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Security Consulting

Individual security solutions such as:

Review and support for security guidelines

Support for the efficient implementation, compliance or measurability of safety guidelines

Consulting for the establishment and operation of a SOC (Security Operations Center) or outsourcing of these functions to a service provider

Migration of existing security environments to third-party products or newer versions

In cooperation with our partners, we also offer vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, code review and security workshops for software developers


Bigdata plays an increasingly important role in the processing of safety data or even safety-relevant data. Understand the possibilities but also the risks of the different technologies and profit from the new possibilities!

About us

What makes us special
Based on our IT security track record in various industries (pharmaceutical, IT, finance, retail) and our vendor neutral products and solutions, we can offer tailored solutions for your requirements.
We are completely vendor neutral and can provide consulting independent of your installed product base. Often, customers ask us to support them in PoC or RFI phases, because we can offer unbiased recommendations based on actual requirements.
Customized solutions
No product will solve all possible security issues. We support you identifying gaps, test and select potential solutions, and also with customization and integration into existing environments
Short communication paths
Tired of explaining your problem to a call center agent or L1 support? Talk to the experts directly instead!

Special requirements?

We find an answer for every challenge. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


What our satisfied customers say about us
Christian is one of the best security professionals in the business and I enjoyed every project we have worked together on. He is consistently creative and works well with both IT and the business and able to balance the security between both parties. I hope to work with Christian in the future.

Jeff Moore

Global Head Of Security, Technologist

Our Team

Our Team

Christian Tramnitz

Christian Tramnitz

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